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Justin Bloxom always was very happy: boylover's victim. Murderer contacted in facebook...

Justin Siempre estaba sonriendo feliz...

Justin tenía 12 años de edad cuando fue asesinado por Brian Horn, delincuente sexual reinsidente y "vigilado", se acomodó de taxista para poder abordar a sus víctimas, usando "las redes sociales", en este caso FaceBook.
It has been only 3 shorts months since Justin Bloxum was kidnapped and murdered. Police say, Brian Douglas Horn lured Justin to his death after he met him on Facebook.
This week a bill that would restrict employment opportunities of registered sex offenders crossed its first hurdle Tuesday with favorable support from a Senate committee.
Senate Bill 789, co-authored by Sen. Sherri Cheek, R-Shreveport, and Rep. Richard Burford, R-Stonewall, would prohibit registered sex offenders from driving taxicabs, limousines and buses. It also would make service-type jobs, where entry would be required into residences, and carnival rides off-limits.
Cheek refers to the bill as the Justin Bloxom Bill in memory of the 12-year-old Stonewall boy who was killed March 30. Brian Douglas Horn, a registered sex offender with two prior convictions involving sexual activity with juveniles, is charged in Bloxom’s death.
Seated near Bloxom’s mother, Amy Bloxom, and the boy’s grandparents, Don and Madelyn Witham, Cheek told Senate Judiciary Committee members the bill is a work in progress with more amendments to be added before its introduction next week on the floor of the House of Representatives. Changes are being made with input from district attorneys and the attorney general’s office to ensure the proposed law is “workable and enforceable.”
Amy Bloxom did not address the committee.
“He was an honor student, played on the junior varsity team. He was full of promise,” Cheek said of Justin Bloxom as she “put a face” on the North DeSoto Middle School seventh-grader for the committee members. “Justin was killed by a predatory monster, a registered sex offender. ” It hit home; it’s very personal.”
Brian Horn indicted for 1st Degree Murder
Justin Bloxom’s family realizes the legislation won’t bring him back, but it will be a step in “this not happening to another child,” Cheek said.
DeSoto Parish Sheriff Rodney Arbuckle reviewed some of the background of the case, telling committee members the suspect, Horn, who worked for Action Taxi in Bossier City, used a cell phone and posed as “Amanda,” a teenage girl, as he talked via cell phone text messages with Justin Bloxom.
Horn, 34, of Keachi, got a list of phone numbers from a friend of his step-daughter, Arbuckle said. Horn’s conversation with Justin Bloxom was tracked through text messages, including the plan for “Amanda” to send a taxicab to pick up Justin Bloxom from a friend’s house.
“When the cab arrived, Justin had no reason to doubt that he was doing what Amanda told him to do,” Arbuckle said. “Justin got in the cab, and that’s the last ride he ever took.”
Bloxom’s body was discovered in a shallow pool of water beyond a fence line off of U.S. Highway 171, just south of the Stonewall corporate limits, a few hours after he was reported missing. Horn became a suspect when investigators learned his taxi, which ran out of gas, was sitting in the same vicinity within a short time span of Juston Bloxom’s disappearance.
As part of the ongoing investigation, Horn’s brother-in-law was interviewed and he shared a conversation he had with Horn about committing crimes. Horn said using a taxicab would be a good way to commit a crime and go unnoticed, Arbuckle said.
“We believe his sole purpose to take a job with this taxicab was to commit a crime of violence against a child,” Arbuckle added.
Committee chairwoman Sen. Yvonne Dorsey, D-Baton rouge, wiped tears from her eyes as she accepted a motion from Sen. Robert Adley, R-Benton, to move the bill forward as amended.
“We have other prohibitions we plan to put in but we have to define what they are,” Cheek said in a separate interview.

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