sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010

The death threats begin! (Las amenazas de muerte comienzan!)

DAVID: we are sure: bl.lit is a great stupid people!
Hurry Up!!!!!! Will McBride is a pederast and "artistic" child pornographer!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David CIA-P
Date: 2010/5/1
Subject: The death threats begin!
To: Joshua
​Hey Joshua,
Check this out:
Well, now the death threats have started!!! Have a read of this:

Russian to English translation
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04/30/2010 12:25 (link)
What fucking. they've become tired, these shitty assholes. They all need anal castrate and kill him.

01/05/2010 02:08 (link)
sympathize ((And good luck!

I didn't know these paedophiles were so passionate about raping children!! BTW, as I'm typing this I can confirm that the "main page" is in the process of being deleted by the hosting company!! Already all the photo albums and galleries are GONE!! Too bad! I get to sllep well tonight, and "BL-LIT" cabn wake up and find all his "hard work" GONE - AGAIN!!! But this time, the Russian Department "K" of the Ministry of the Interior have his *real name* and *real address*!! They also have *all* his contacts and a list of *all* his paedophiles friends. They were given that infrmation days ago, so it's too late for "BL-LIT" and "Rinrin" and BL-Antidot" an all the other paedophiles in Russia that thought they had a "secret blog" andf "secret forum". Department "K" has all the details, so all those Russian paedophiles can look forward to a lengthy prison sentence, espescially after handing out death threats!! Stooopid Pedos!!

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