domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

CIA-P BL-LIT "7"; and "0"!!

From: David CIA-P Au
Date: 2010/5/9
Subject: Make that CIA-P 7 and BL-LIT 0
To: Joshua

​Hey Joshua!

BL-LIT "7" and BL-LIT "0"!! The archive website containing all his filthy "memoirs" and his time spent with KDV located in Korea is "under review", and that means it shortly be wiped out just like the other time when he had!!
Check it out here:
"This domain is under examination at the moment. It will be finished within 24 hours!"

Hopefully this filthy "boylover" paedophile will take the hint when he discovers that his *newest* website has also been deleted fro the same reasons - he's promoting paedophilia and the sexual abuse of boys! This *was* his latest website and archive:
This is the reply for that page now:

His original "archive" site at was closed by the Russians, namely the Friendly Runet Foundations within hours of being notified.


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