domingo, 7 de marzo de 2010

"Johnie" Proudly Presents: ha sido desvertebrado.

From: David CIA-P Au.
To: Joshua
Date: 7 de marzo de 2010 05:59
Archives of Johnie finally removed

The site admin at have finally removed and blocked one of the archived old websites belonging to this paedophile which had indecent images of naked boys. The site was dated back to 2005, but they finally blocked it and removed all links. They've blocked the archives site of "Rinrin" and that leaves "Art Bernard" and "01Boy". Here's the good news :*/
Blocked Site Error. is not available in the Wayback Machine.
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Here are some more paedophile websites on IMGSRC.RU that have been taken down with all contents deleted and accounts locked out:

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