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Report David CIA-P: News from down under. Australian laws.

Gracias David por los reportes y denuncias, en buena hora para la comunidad Australiana! Gracias al esfuerzo de personas como tú, se logra bloquear el accionar de estos depredadores de niños en todas sus malditas modalidades!
Y 12chan.org que pretendió reabrir su página, apenas le duró la dicha unas horas, en 20 minutos quedó fuera de línea e investigada por el FBI por usar su logo para justificarse, miles de fotografías encabezadas por el símbolo del departamento de Estado oficina FBI.
A Will McBride le queda poco tiempo en la red, a ver si prepotencia y arrogancia le sirven de algo, viejo asqueroso y podrido!

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From: David
Date: 2010/1/31
Subject: News from down under
To: joshua
Cc: antipedofilia.org@gmail.com
​Hi joshua,
Here's some really great news from Asutralia regarding child pornography, and espescially cartoons like "shotakon" and "lolikon". They've also adopted a new law that will make certain *all* the works by artists like von Gloeden, Will McBide and others and all the galleries of Rinrin are illegal!!! Here are the various articles and comments from the paedophiles at Xxxxxxboys.org
This page from Xxxxxxxxboys is an important discussion regading decision by the Australian Federal Police to completely ban all "Lolikon", "Shotakon" and "Incest" images that are currently being promoted as "cartoons". As I've said all along, these images portray brutal and sexually explicit acts with children. The "Incest" cartoon depict adults engaging in sexually explicit activity with minors.
Of course the whole part of the debate that's missing is the one addressed by the AFP! That the reason *why* such images exist, and *who* they heve been created to cater for! That answer is of course - PEADOHILES!
The source articles may he found here:
This article below is also just as important and also just as relevant:
This is another story from Australia and relates to specisically to the question of "atistic nude photographs". I believe that this is truly the correct legal approach to this subject. I only need to mention "Show Me" by Will McBride as the perfect example!! Other examples can be found in the stil images form Lyric of Peter Glawson and "The G------ C-------" video.
Here, finally, we have various commments from paedophiles themselves regarding the final issue of Xxxxxxx magazine. There are a few Americans that have ordered this pro-peadophile filth as well!
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Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2010 03:04:59 +1300
From: David
To: Ph
Subject: Update on "Aussie Bob" and a new replacement for 12chan!

Hi Ph,
Here's the latest information on Australian paedophile "Aussie Bob" as well a what's being promoted as a replacement for 12chan: http://mochan.omegasubs.com/

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