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Nelson García. NY Child Pornographer Blogger

Nelson Garcia of ‘NG Blog,’ ‘BoyLover’

Files: pass 16204 (''!) Nelson Garcia, nlsngrc, and ng1260

Blogger: Dangerous site! Prohibit and ilegal Web site for child molester, out of Blogger!

Hack in progresse by Dr@goN

Convicted homosexual possessor of child pornography and confessed “boy lover” Nelson Garcia
(see spews lies and hate against Americans For Truth founder Peter LaBarbera.

Garcia didn’t like our recent fundraising appeal. This is Garcia’s mug shot from the New York sex crimes database.
Nelson Garcia of ‘NG Blog,’ a ‘Boy Lover’ with Criminal Child Porn Conviction, Blasts AFTAHFriday, November 16th, 2007

Convicted homosexual possessor of child pornography and confessed “boy lover” Nelson Garcia (see spews lies and hate against Americans For Truth founder Peter LaBarbera. Garcia didn’t like our recent fundraising appeal. This is Garcia’s mug shot from the New York sex crimes database.
Dear Americans For Truth Readers, When you are in the business of fighting a sin-based movement, you come under attack from some pretty wicked and unsavory forces. We’re used to that here at AFTAH. But when a “boy-loving” homosexual militant who has been convicted of possessing child pornography comes after you with lies and hateful accusations, we put that in a special category. After our appeal Wednesday for financial help, a homosexual activist operating under his “NG Blog” attacked me and Americans For Truth with a lie-filled post accusing us of “groveling for money.” Turns out that “NG Blog” is run by one Nelson Garcia, a New York City homosexual who was convicted of possessing child pornography. Garcia is also a confessed “boy lover.” (See ‘Boy-lover’ is the twisted “gay” slang term used by the pederasty group NAMBLA, the “North American Man/Boy Love Association — which, by the way, once marched in big-city “Gay Pride” parades. Thanks to the good people at the Wikisposure Project — a branch of the Perverted-Justice Foundation, which exposes internet predators and pedophiles — Garcia’s secret is out. Here is part of Wiksposure’s post ( on our pedophile nemesis (emphasis added):
Nelson Garcia, aka NG, nlsngrc, and ng1260, would like the world to believe that he is merely an online gay activist. However, the reality is that he’s a pedophile, and one who has been convicted of sex crimes. He has admitted to being a boylover, although he has not expressed his preferred AoA [Age of Attraction]. A regular poster on BoyBliss and, Garcia was arrested and charged following a series of online chats with an undercover police officer from New Hampshire. During the course of those conversations, Garcia transmitted pornographic images of pre-pubescent boys who were engaged in sexual acts. He was sentenced to one year incarceration with no possibility of early release and was ordered to register as a level one sex offender with the New York State Sex Offender Registry.

Currently Garcia spends most of his online time blogging as a gay activist, but it should not be forgotten that he is truly a boylover pedophile. [NOTE: we have removed the disturbing pedophile links from this excerpt; they can be found at]

Talk about audacity: Garcia continues to advocate against laws restricting child pornography on his radical “NG Blog.” Moreover, he slanders pro-family advocates with outright lies, like calling me “Porno Pete” and parents rights advocate David Parker a “child abuser.” How sick is that? Garcia is also part of the homosexual blogging community. We’ll see after Garcia’s “boy-loving” criminal record becomes well-known how “tolerant” other “gay” bloggers will be of this unrepentant apologist for NAMBLA’s agenda –who doesn’t seem to have learned much from being busted on child porn charges. We’ll have more on Nelson Garcia in future posts at — Peter LaBarbera
P.S. Go HERE for more information on the anti-pedophile Wikisposure Project, including how to donate to this worthy effort.
TAKE ACTION: Please help Americans for Truth protect children from the promotion of homosexuality with your tax-deductible donation of $100 or more (go to, or whatever you can give. Thank you to all those who have already given! See below if you would also like to order our banquet video.

jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2007

FBI-pedophile-symbols.pdf Wikileaks, November 8 2007

Doc pdf in line

FBI pedophile symbols - WikiLeaks

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This visually explosive FBI document reveals the secret symbols organized pedophiles use to... Standing Intelligence Requirements Set contained in Q-FBI-2200-005-06HRWC CAC-VI.A.5.... 7 (U) FBI internal e-mail, 24 October 2006...

FBI document reviews symbols used by pedophiles

In an exclusive report, Wikinews has obtained an internal FBI document from Wikileaks detailing symbols used by organized pedophiles to identify one another.
Wikileaks obtained the document via Spanish "childhood erotica" networks. According to Wikileaks, the unclassified parts of the document were only briefly published by the Ann Arbor,Michigan police department in a newsletter, which was later removed from the internet.
The document, which is titled Symbols and Logos Used by Pedophiles to Identify Sexual Preferences states that "pedophiles, to include those who sexually abuse children as well as those who produce, distribute, and trade child pornography, are using various types of identification logos or symbols to recognize one another and distinguish their sexual preferences."
According to the FBI, there are at least three groups that pedophiles can use to identify what age and or gender they prefer such as "boylove, girllove and childlove." Most of the logos have been found to be printed on coins, necklace charms and rings.
The first logo, 'The BoyLover logo' (BLogo) "is a small blue spiral-shaped triangle surrounded by a larger triangle, whereby the small triangle represents a small boy and the larger triangle represents an adult man. A variation of the BLogo is the Little Boy Lover logo (LBLogo), which also embodies a small spiral-shaped triangle within a larger triangle; however, the corners of the LBLogo are rounded to resemble a scribbling by a young child," said the document.
The second logo, 'The GirlLover logo' (GLogo) is "a small heart surrounded by a larger heart, which symbolizes a relationship between an adult male or female and minor girl," the document stated.
The last logo, 'The ChildLover logo' (CLogo), "resembles a butterfly and represents non-preferential gender child abusers," added the document.
It is not known how the document came to be in the hands of Spanish childhood erotica enthusiasts. The logos were found during raids on computers and other items related to pedophile investigations.